Xcode’s Secret Menu Options – How to Clean Your Build Folder

Doing an occasional clean (Cmd + K) is a handy tool for many iOS developers. Linker failure that seems incredibly cryptic… clean it. Invalid C99 method… clean it. It’s the ‘did you restart your computer’ for all Xcode users.

Today, I did a bunch of maintenance at my day job that touched the project file a lot, including a CocoaPods upgrade and a Fabric migration. My co-worker pinged me afterwards and asked if I’d cleaned my build folder to which I replied yes, because I’d done several cleans to make sure the app was still building correctly. Then he dropped the bomb:

Hold the option key, then press the ‘Product’ menu. A hidden ‘Clean Builder Folder’ option appears.

I immediately pinged him with a few choice expletives asking rhetorical questions about why in the world developers need hidden options. Literal, magical hidden menu items that just pop up if you press the incantation button. You’re welcome.

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