Tiny House Coffee Maker

Although my apartment isn’t on wheels, it is quite tiny at 275 square feet. Which is awesome, but causes a fair number of questions that you don’t normally have in single-family-home America, such as…

“Do I even have space for a coffee maker?”

To which the answer is a resounding, “No”.

Then you wait a few months, the pull of the bean grows stronger, and you end up in Wyoming on vacation. At which point the coffee maker in said vacation home is filled with mold, and creative solutions are offered up. Which eventually turns towards pour overs, and it gets lodged in your brain for days. A quick trip down research lane and you have two new companions waiting for you in your PO Box.

A coffee grinder and pour over coffee maker, by JavaPresse. They are both small enough to fit in various crannies Tiny House has to offer, and the pour over coffee maker doesn’t even use paper filters, which is a boon for all involved.

The verdict after using them for a week: awesome!

I tried to have a drip coffee at Starbucks after several days of grinding my own, and it was horrid. Which has me hoping that I’m not wandering down the path towards coffee snobism, but might ultimately taste better if it does happen. If you are looking for a better, cheaper, way to enjoy coffee that doesn’t involve another home appliance, I highly recommend both products.


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