Release Notes – Postcard Panda 4.1.0

Since I just polished up and submitted the latest dot update (4.1.1) for Postcard Panda, it means that my release notes from version 4.1.0 will soon be lost forever. Since I had some fun writing them, here they are for the sake of posterity:

Holy progress bars SuperHeroThatRhymesWithCatMan!

I got a few bad reviews saying that crashes were occasionally happening during the photo upload process. Like any good developer, I pulled a Sherlock and investigated (although admittedly, it wasn’t as exciting as the British tv show). Turns out that it happens to a very small number of people, and seems to happen only with specific photos, but when it did happen, it happened bad. One user hit the same upload crash seven times…seven! So yeah, sorry about that.

One other issue with the old version was that it occasionally appeared like the ‘Place Order’ button spun forever. In reality Postcard Panda was waiting for the photo to finish uploading before charging your card. This was not conveyed well, and resulted in this silly spinning button that lasted for minutes, which is worrisome when you just placed an order for real moolah.

Have no fear, both issues have been fixed with this update!

After you finish creating your postcard, and before the payment screen, you are now presented with an ‘uploading’ screen if your photo hasn’t finished uploading yet. It even has a progress bar, and a percentage that updates in real time! In addition, instead of crashing when a photo upload fails, the app should give you a nice little popup instructing you to try again. Although only time will tell, I’m confident that no users shall henceforth have to persevere through seven crashes to order a postcard.

I’ve also fixed an issue when pre-filling addresses from the contact book. The country now fills in more often, regardless of whether you use a country code or country name. It was occasionally not appearing in previous versions.

As always – you guys rock, and thanks for using Postcard Panda 🙂

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