Postcard Panda V4 – The Final Numbers

After doing blog posts since February 2016, version 4 of Postcard Panda has come to an end. Final numbers for version 4 since I started tracking them are:

Revenue:  $8031.72

Expenses: $6789.22

Profit: $1242.50

That puts average revenue per month at around $400, and average monthly profit at $62. Pretty slim numbers, and a low profit margin. But a really fun learning experience, and I am stoked for the release of version 5, which happened last week.

I’ve already seen an uptick in revenue since that was released, and am hopeful that I can maintain some better numbers after the initial launch blip. Version 5 represents a transition to a new printing partner based in New York, along with a move to eco-friendly paper & printing options which has removed my angst about the ethical implications of selling physical postcards.

That’s a wrap for this series folks. I plan on doing more revenue number analysis for version 5, but not on a monthly basis. Thank you for reading!

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