Postcard Panda May 2017 Income Report

New to this series? Checkout the first report for background info on Postcard Panda.

tl;dr –┬áSummer travel season is starting to happen, which resulted in a big uptick last year. The same trend is starting to happen this year, with May 2017 being higher than April 2017 and May of 2016.

Overall Stats

 April 2017May 2017% Change
Total Expenses$497.62$517.764.05%

Expenses Breakdown

 April 2017May 2017% Change$269.00$320.0018.96%
Hosting (Heroku)$24.00$24.000.00%
S3 + Cloudfront$5.19$5.322.50%

USA App Store Stats

 April 2017May 2017% Change
Guest Orders319-70.97%
Logged In Orders23330530.90%
Total Orders26431418.94%
Signups who placed an order4825-47.92%

UK App Store Stats

 April 2017May 2017% Change
Guest Orders01N/A
Logged In Orders5620.00%
Total Orders5620.00%
Signups who placed an order14300.00%


May 2017 Retention

What Went Right

Revenue went up, and compared to May of 2016 is up by close to 100 dollars. I also eased off of advertising and increased the profit again. I’ve also decided to keep running search ads in the UK which is costing me about two dollars a week in an attempt to kickstart anything in that country.

Another bright spot is the two good reviews I received in the month.

What Went Wrong

I forgot to turn off ads for the first few days of the month, so the $45 in the advertising column is from that slip up. Delivery times seemed a little long this past month which resulted in some customer support emails, but nothing crazy.

Next Month’s Goals

I’ve started kicking around the idea of a referral program which I may start next month. I’ve got a few things to polish up, and I’m hoping that WWDC reveals some goodies to consider implementing. I also want to implement some more automated drip emails, specifically for people who sign up for an account but then don’t order a card in several weeks. My main focus is still on WrestlingIQ so I’m not going to spend a ton of time on Postcard Panda, but I think it’s time to dust things off a bit.

Thanks for reading, and check back next month!

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