Postcard Panda June 2016 Income Report

New to this series? Checkout the first report for background info on Postcard Panda.

tl;dr – This month saw a slight increase in revenue, and postcards ordered despite downloads and signups being down considerably.

Overall Stats

 May 2016June 2016% Change
Total Expenses$-462.59$-509.6610.18%

Expenses Breakdown

 May 2016June 2016% Change$348.75$361.253.58%
Hosting (Heroku)$7.00$7.000.00%
S3 + Cloudfront$4.39$4.34-1.14%

USA App Store Stats

 May 2016June 2016% Change
Guest Orders3534-2.86%
Logged In Orders2422524.13%
Total Orders2772863.25%
Signups who placed an order7066-5.71%

UK App Store Stats

 May 2016June 2016% Change
Guest Orders000.00%
Logged In Orders2350.00%
Total Orders2350.00%
Signups who placed an order110.00%

Cohort Analysis

June 2016 Cohort Analysis

This month I’m switching to Mixpanel for my cohort analysis rather than drudging the numbers from the database myself. The numbers are a bit off compared to my database, but not meaningfully so. The main difference here is that this chart is calculated on a rolling basis, instead of on month boundaries that I was hardcoding in. Retention is relatively good, but is one of the things at the forefront of my mind going forward.

What Went Right

  • My existing users pulled through to increase the revenue number, despite a large percentage drop in downloads.
  • My a/b test is still running, and is currently at a 90% confidence to beat the original. Hopefully I can get to statistical significance and roll that out in July.
  • I finally updated my screenshots to show real product shots! Special thanks to Mandy and Dean Ferreira for helping me get the photos taken.
  • I submitted a few minor updates. One to make Apple Pay available to UK users, and another to make the photo selection process slightly better.
  • You’ll notice the $33 in advertising this month, which took the form of me signing up for AppTweak. It’s too early to tell if it’s helping, but I think investing in organic search improvements is likely the best bang for my buck right now.

What Went Wrong

  • I still haven’t finished including a logo in the back image of the postcards.
  • I have a crash currently live in production, in which the Amazon uploader sometimes crashes the app. Need to get this fixed elegantly, which is harder than it sounds since the upload happens in the background.

Next Month’s Goals

For July I hope to be focused on fixing up the upload bug, getting that image added to the back of the postcard, and brainstorming more about a reengagement strategy.


I’m very happy to see that the revenue number came out ahead, despite the major power user who didn’t use the app this month. Stay tuned for next month’s update!



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  1. Nice product photos! 🙂
    I noticed the percentages in each row don’t add up to 100%… does it only show users who have actually returned at some point to order a second postcard?

    • I assume you are talking about the Mixpanel retention chart thingy?

      If so, you are correct. I didn’t show the config above it, which has the numbers filtered by “Show me people who ordered a postcard, and then came back and did it again.” Each row in the chart is a standalone percentage. Of the 61 devices that placed an order in April, 54% ordered another card < 1 month, but only 3.28% came back to order 3 months later.

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