Postcard Panda February 2017 Income Report

New to this series? Checkout the first report for background info on Postcard Panda.

tl;dr – February was slightly up over January, but user growth slowed.

Overall Stats

 January 2017February 2017% Change
Total Expenses$189.33$183.19-3.24%

Expenses Breakdown

 January 2017February 2017% Change$99.00$112.0013.13%
Hosting (Heroku)$24.00$24.000.00%
S3 + Cloudfront$4.78$4.851.46%

USA App Store Stats

 January 2017February 2017% Change
Guest Orders8912.50%
Logged In Orders8710014.94%
Total Orders9510914.74$
Signups who placed an order115-54.55%

UK App Store Stats

 January 2017February 2017% Change
Guest Orders02N/A
Logged In Orders41-75.00%
Total Orders43-25.00%
Signups who placed an order10-100.00%


Screen Shot 2017-03-01 at 6.34.38 PM

What Went Right

Nothing broke, and things chugged along smoothly. I also had a normal amount of refunds instead of the crazy amount I had in January due to the one unhappy customer. $40 a month in profit isn’t the biggest chunk in the world, but I’ll take it!

What Went Wrong

Signups are down, and I don’t have a good handle on why.

Next Month’s Goals

Stay mostly in maintenance mode. The only feature I’m considering adding is a drip email sent to people who sign up for an account but do not place an order within the first x days. I might spend one or two hours experimenting with new channels for picking up users as well. Mixpanel’s “Revenue” feature tells me that I receive an average of $7.25 per “paying customer”, which if you assume I receive about twenty cents on the dollar works out to $1.45 in profit. I’m not yet sure how many “non paying” customers I have to bring that number down to reality though. In any case, it might be worth it to figure out a paid advertising channel that works for me; much like this excellent article by another indie iOS developer.

Thanks for reading, and check back next month!

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