Postcard Panda August 2016 Income Report

New to this series? Checkout the first report for background info on Postcard Panda.

tl;dr – August 2016 was the first month numbers have been down since February. On the bright side, August narrowly beat out June, which hopefully means July was a spike, and August was not a downward trend. In terms of development, I managed to release a complete rewrite of the S3 upload code, and the latest app version hasn’t registered an upload crash so far. And in other positive news, Postcard Panda received 15 positive reviews!

Overall Stats

 July 2016August 2016% Change
Total Expenses$-720.77$-527.49-26.82%

Expenses Breakdown

 July 2016August 2016% Change$525.00$368.75
Hosting (Heroku)$7.00$7.000.00%
S3 + Cloudfront$4.55$4.723.74%

USA App Store Stats

 July 2016August 2016% Change
Guest Orders3919-51.28%
Logged In Orders379273-27.97%
Total Orders418292-30.14%
Signups who placed an order7534-54.67%

At the end of July and beginning of August I received two negative reviews due to crashing bugs during the upload process. I think this may have depressed the download count for most of the month. As a fix, I reimplemented that entire portion of the app; which now includes a newer S3 upload version, a real time progress bar, and better failure handling.

I sent my first blast email to all of my users who had ordered more than two postcards asking for feedback and a review. That email blast (to 184 people) resulted in ten reviews in the first day after it was sent, with some others trickling in afterwards. I’ve also setup a drip email after the second postcard is sent with the same asks; so we’ll see how that pans out. I don’t like sending blast emails and I’ll try to avoid them in the future; but it was awesome to see people respond to them!

UK App Store Stats

 July 2016August 2016% Change
Guest Orders000.00%
Logged In Orders2350.00%
Total Orders2350.00%
Signups who placed an order02N/A

Cohort Analysis

What Went Right

  • I managed to put out a major update to address upload crashes.
  • The positive┬áreview count is awesome!
  • As part of the email sending process, I’ve added in a Redis job server using Resque to my infrastructure. That infrastructure will be reused for generating back images with Panda logos in the near future.

What Went Wrong

  • The revenue numbers did not increase in August. In fact numbers were pretty bad across the board.

Next Month’s Goals

The top priority for next month is to start generating the back image for postcards myself so that I can include a Postcard Panda logo on the back for some extra word of mouth marketing power.

Thanks for reading, and check back next month!

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