New to this series? Checkout the first report for background info on Postcard Panda. Overall Stats You’ll see details below, but the profit didn’t grow linearly with revenue because I’m taking left over profits and experimenting with different growth strategies. That means the metric I’m looking to increase the most is revenue, with the caveat […]

Today I finished up The Mythical Man Month by Frederick Brooks, which is a surprisingly relevant collection of essays about software engineering, despite being written 42 years ago. Some of the essays I found quite boring, but those were usually essays that also detailed systems specific to the 70s. Most of the book tends to […]

I am captivated by bootstrapping instead of raising VC money, and following the journeys of people who do so. To me, it represents a return to a sensible business ideal, sustainable operations, that often isn’t present in venture capital funded companies. I also relish control, which is fundamentally gone as soon as you take money […]

Yesterday was my last day at Curious, where I’ve been employed as an iOS and Ruby engineer since September of 2014. Before that, I contracted with them to create the very first native iOS app they put to market, in October of 2013. To say that I’ve met great people there, learned a ton, and […]

We have been taught to dread death, as if it were the end of the show. It won’t happen anymore. And therefore to be afraid of all the things that might bring about death; pain, sickness, suffering. And if you don’t know you see, if you are not vividly aware of the fact that you […]

Minimalism is the pursuit of removing possessions, activities, and relationships that make life harder to enjoy. The pursuit of happiness through intentional removal, rather than the continued ‘more, more, more’ of consumer culture. I recently participated in the minimalist game, a 30 day challenge to remove material possessions from your life. On the first day, […]