November 2015 – Thirty Minutes Of Writing Every Day

I wrote for thirty minutes every day in November. Ok almost everyday, I foodbabynated (hybernated with a food baby) through 1 or 2 days. On the whole though, I consistently sat down and typed up my thoughts.

What I got out of it

  • Six posts on this blog in November!
  • Nine blog posts sitting in draft form. Not all of these will get published because they ended up turning into brain dumps, but some will.
  • Nine journal entries
  • I wrote 2,000 words for a reddit writing prompts contest. I accidentally forgot to vote in the subsequent rounds for that writing contest which I feel bad about; however writing the post was an interesting journey into a piece of fiction. It’s the first chapter to a book called 2085, with big brother type themes mixed with science fiction.
  • Often times I’ll get fixated on an idea and I’ll spend mental energy trying to remember it. Writing it down seemed to free up my mental capacities for new ideas.
  • I got to practice my writing skills! I’m by no means an expert writer, but I won’t get any better playing video games instead.
  • I decided to start using this blog as a place for all of my interests, rather than having it just be about programming and entrepreneurship. A lot of my writing still revolves around that, but expect to see posts in the future about minimalism, tiny houses, and motorcycles.

What’s next?

I plan on continuing blocking out thirty minutes of my day in December. I’ll be writing half the time, and the other half I’ll spend attempting to learn some design skills in Sketch. I’ll be posting those designs on this blog, so subscribe to my email list in the sidebar if you want to stay up to date!



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