Equity makes me complicit. Money is what really matters they say. Sprint for five to ten years and you’ll make it. That bank account will be big enough so that you can finally stop being unhappy, and transition to the nirvana state of happiness. Negotiating on an equity package is subtle self propaganda. You are […]

I had a miniature crisis in January with my new SaaS product for wrestling teams. I was working on weekends and generally making myself miserable, due to an arbitrary deadline I had set for myself. The thing about that arbitrary deadline? No one cared. I told the team I’m working with that I would be pushing […]

I did a year in review for 2015, and want to continue the trend by looking back on 2016. Despite the political changes that I’m not thrilled with, 2016 was a great year for me personally. Without further ado, here is my year in review, with far too many bullet points. Things I Enjoyed in […]

Although my apartment isn’t on wheels, it is quite tiny at 275 square feet. Which is awesome, but causes a fair number of questions that you don’t normally have in single-family-home America, such as… “Do I even have space for a coffee maker?” To which the answer is a resounding, “No”. Then you wait a few […]

Yesterday, Mandy and I took a flying trapeze class at the Circus Center in San Francisco, and it was amazing. A little bit terrifying to climb the ladder the first (ok… every) time, but also safe and adrenaline inducing. The class was a birthday gift courtesy of Mandy, and if you are in the Bay […]

Yesterday was my last day at Curious, where I’ve been employed as an iOS and Ruby engineer since September of 2014. Before that, I contracted with them to create the very first native iOS app they put to market, in October of 2013. To say that I’ve met great people there, learned a ton, and […]

Minimalism is the pursuit of removing possessions, activities, and relationships that make life harder to enjoy. The pursuit of happiness through intentional removal, rather than the continued ‘more, more, more’ of consumer culture. I recently participated in the minimalist game, a 30 day challenge to remove material possessions from your life. On the first day, […]

I’ve read a lot of year in review posts this January and I’m always intrigued, despite the cliche nature of them. In particular, I enjoy the comparisons bloggers make across multiple years, and the introspection that comes along with that. I often find that keeping a list of things I’ve accomplished is a little bit […]