Beta Testers Wanted – Postcard Panda v5

Hello friends, family, and random strangers of the internet.

I’m hoping to launch the fifth version of Postcard Panda in early October. Which means that I’m finishing it up this week (I’m knocking on every piece of wood near me). Before it gets launched I’m hoping to get a few rounds of beta testing in. I would love to have your input!


  • You need an iOS device running iOS10 or higher


  • No postcards will actually be printed during beta testing – this is UI testing only.
  • You will not have to pay anything, I will provide fake credit cards for usage. I do not recommend attempting Apple Pay if you have that on this beta version.
  • If you already have Postcard Panda, please log out before you open the Testflight version. You can sign up for an account on my staging server once you’ve downloaded the app.

Thank you!

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