I’ve read a lot of year in review posts this January and I’m always intrigued, despite the cliche nature of them. In particular, I enjoy the comparisons bloggers make across multiple years, and the introspection that comes along with that. I often find that keeping a list of things I’ve accomplished is a little bit […]

One of the things I’d like improve in 2016 is my knowledge of software engineering design patterns, with a particular emphasis on iOS. I’ll be posting a quick summary of each one I stumble across on the blog so that my future self can find things again easily. Today’s pattern is called ‘The Builder’. The […]

Last month I wrote for 30 minutes every day. Although December is off to a bit of a rough start on that front, I’ve decided to split my time between writing and learning how to design using Sketch, with a focus on iOS apps. I started by picking up design+code during their Black Friday sale, […]